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Everyone in the Northern California region keeps talking about the earthquake that happened last night, and I didn’t fell anything. If anything, I probably slept through it, (>_>;) but for those who didn’t and did suffer some damage from it, I hope you guys are all okay! 

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sailor moon graphic meme: [2/6] friendships/ships

↳mamoru chiba and usagi tsukino

You’re my family, Mamo-chan. From now on, I’ll protect you. Always.

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♥ Zelda indirectly asking Link out on a date ♥
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Free!ES: Sosuke Yamazaki Ep.2
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Ami, let’s keep being friends from now on.

Sure Usagi.

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By: [ ちいくま ]

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Requested by the-legend-of-maria

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I wish I could keep dancing with him forever.

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